RT MikaelaStiver: Hey friends!
Have you discovered @ConnectedPapers yet?? It's such a neat tool & extremely addictive (assuming you're a giant nerd like I am)!!

Obviously had to indulge in a little nostalgia & search for one of my old papers from my MSc πŸ€“
Check it out!

RT natadimou: & here we are! It's finally @Ben__DM moment to defend his PhD! Corona came on the way but couldn't delay any further! Proud promotor w/ @RubenVerborgh good luck @Ben__DM! 🀞 @IDLabResearch @ResearchUGent @imec_int

RT Ben__DM: I'm finally Dr. of Computer Science! Thx @erikmannens for the opportunity, @RubenVerborgh and @natadimou for guiding me, and all my colleagues at @IDLabResearch @ResearchUGent @imec_int for the years passed and coming!

Preprint at ben.de-meester.org/phd (bottom) πŸ¦„


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